Monday, 12 October 2009

Deep Heat

Fate had decided to strike me down yesterday afternoon. I had just finished changing the bed, and whilst titivating the duvet I was struck down with intense backache, I looked like a human question mark, bent and unable to strighten myself, through gritted teeth I staggered crab-wise to the bathroom and laid on the heated floor tiles and fell asleep for an hour. When I awoke the pain had eased enought to rub some Tranvasin deep muscle rub. It feels alot better today, thought I do get the occasional twinge, but I quite enjoy that.

Also if you rub Transvasin or any other deep heat muscle rub into your buttocks it feels just like you have had a good spanking.


  1. Also if you rub Transvasin or any other deep heat muscle rub into your buttocks it feels just like you have had a good spanking.

    Mistress MJ would be happy to give you a good paddling if you run out of Transvasin.

    I must try to use the word titivate in daily conversation more often.

  2. Awww Mitz... sorry to hear... Say... I have some Dilaudid left over from the Hernia... I could drop a couple in the post for you....

  3. I hope you feel better soon!! Back problems are not fun! I know first hand.

    Are you saying I need to feel like I had a good spanking? I've been good. Very very good!

  4. Poor Mitzi. Feel better soon. I sympathize with you as back pain is the worst. I suspect you were putting the sheet back on the bed after wearing it to impersonate Bonnie Tyler in your bedroom window. Perhaps you should change your name to Clutzi, always wretching your back or flooding your home or falling out of the second story window...don’t be so quick to make fun of getting old...I know...I think I’ve learned my lesson after taking a tumble down the stairs after being pushed by my grandmother.

  5. Thank you MJ that would be appreciated. I'm sick of smelling like the inside of an old nanna's handbag.

    Thanks Kitty for your kind offer but the last time I took painkillers I was egg bound for days. I had to work it out with a toothbrush handle in the end. (I rinsed it before putting it back, Carmen never knew.)

    Thanks Michael, I'm alot better today than I was yesterday. But I'm still not 100% erect, I'm still walking as if I've shat myself. However, I did managed to do Rosemary Conley's Fat Attack workout at low impact (omitting the tremoloes), I must be a sadist.

  6. That was about 20 odd years ago Ayem8y. I was just a mere child who had been sent to bed early for calling Tina from next door a cunt.

    I was left with a bruised coccyx after that accident with the bird shit, it was only a short drop from the 1st floor onto the lavender hedge below. Did I mention the earthquake?