Friday, 9 January 2009


A celebration, 80 years of Jelly Babies!
In this special edition of Jelly babies, they have finally grown old. Characters includes a pigeon fancier, a knitter, a swimmer. Bryan Bashful, for instance, is a retired university professor with a walking stick and is raspberry flavoured, while Frau Zimmer tastes of oranges and likes baking. Go ahead and gobble a Grandad or gnaw on a wispy chinned Nanna.
Getting old can be fun!


  1. you know what a jelly baby is, right?

  2. I think Jelly Belly is a treat and Jelly Baby is another kind of treat. Anyway I think the knitter looks to taste tart and tangy citrusy.

  3. I'm talking about the fruit flavoured confectionery that look like little babies. Research has discovered that women who have children were more likely to bite the heads off them first, where those without children ate them whole.

    Whatever do you have in mind Reavis?

  4. Reminds me of an old joke...

    What so Geriatrics taste like?

  5. Well (blush) I hate to share really really REALLY gross profanity - but it is your blog haha! ok, here goes:
    In American slang a jelly baby is the shit you take after getting fucked.

  6. Oh Reavis lol We call that mango chutney over here. The laughs we have in Indian restaurants.

  7. it probably looks more like the tamarind dip they serve, unless you bled during it then the mango chutney.