Saturday, 3 January 2009

Guess The Album From The Review

It's not one of my favourite albums but it is a classic from the 70s.

Track 1 Not the best way to start an album in my opinion. A lot of silence, when noise did start, it's very random, what seems like a walrus laughing and the tills from Are You Been Served can be heard.

Track 2 A little like Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor in the way all the tracks merge into each other, but unlike Madonna's album there's no Melody, tune or glitter ball! There is a lot of experimental style wowing with synthesisers, but nothing to get your knickers wet. It reminds me a little of my school drama days when we had to meditate and pretend to be a tree. There is also some random helicopters in there.

Track 3 Very promising start with the bell of Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time kicking off the track, unfortunately this is the only good bit out of the 6min 30 sec, and it soon descends into what sounds like the theme tune of Prisoner Cell Block H. (Which for anyone too young or who isn't gay it's an Australian soap set in a women's prison, where the set was cheap and the acting terrible.)

Track 4 Some lovely piano work which is soon ruined by the sound of a lady who must have been in great pain by the sound of her wailing, perhaps she was in the same female prison as the above mentioned perhaps she her head jammed in the steam press manned by top dog Bea Smith.

Track 5 Sounds like the theme tune to Are You been served "Ground floor perfumery, stationary and leather goods wigs and haberdashery kitchenware and food going up" Oh Mr Humphries! Best track on the album.

Track 6 Begins with some churchy music, then some bluesy sax which suggests to be an album my dad would like, very laid back, no beat, can't dance to it, you can't even tap your bleeding foot to it.

Track 7 sounds like this.When I was 8 years old I was given a stylophone from my Aunt Jess

Track 8 Sounds liket the theme tune from The Likely Lads.

Track 9 Clearly wanting to go out on a high they've brought al the previous albums elements together so the ringing tills, the howling lady, the lounge music are all back for an encore.

On the whole it's more of a journey perhaps an acid trip for me but interesting.

Congratulations to Ayem8y and Shirley for guessing correctly. For your prize you can each pick an item from here Poundland


  1. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon? Now who's been at the magic mushrooms? Magic Mitzi Has.

  2. TOTALLY Pink Floyd. At first I was getting a feel for Tubular Bells or Pet Sounds, but then it just becomes kinda clear, don't it.

    I like this game.

  3. ??? who wouldn't look at the picture without the hints and just know its floyd ds of the m? it's a teenage american institution.

    i never did it tripping like all the other kids and still need to get it together some day to do this but: if you play the wizards of oz from the moment the mgm lion roars synchronized with ds of m it's perfectly synchronized, every note and drum and every word to the peoples mouths moving. i heard it's unreal.

  4. som1 synchronized it on utube
    and it sucks and doesnt make sense.

  5. I posted the picture after Ayem8y and Shirley had guessed correctly other wise why bother with the hints.

    I agree Reavis. I use to like The Dance Of The Hippos from Fantasia whilst mushrooming followed by The Muppet Show. Oh halycon days.